SaaS Business Process Management For SMEs

Optimize, automate and manage your business processes all in a single dashboard.

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The complete workflow solution to run in any company

Go fully remote, digital and paperless

Digital Signing

Sign any document digitally without having to go physical

Digital Workflows

Build your workflows on our seamless drag drop flowchart builder

Automatic Task Assign

Tasks get assigned automatically based on the process

Integration with key systems

Integrate with key systems that your company already uses

The complete process solution

Discover, Monitor, Optimize and Automate your business to future proof it for the future

Track and monitor your company

Gain unique insights into how your company is operating and performing through a single dashboard

Figure out your bottlenecks

Discover parts of your process where work is slowing down

Cost to benefit ratios

Understand how long each process takes relative to the revenue it generates

Adopt a continous improvement strategy

Observe slow underperforming processes and take action to make changes

Digitize your business processes

Make your business more attractive to investors and lenders by improving Environment, Sustainability and Governance

Standardize your business processes

Ensure all process in the company follows the same process without having variations

Easy to use drag and drop interface

Our process builder makes it intuitive to build complex workflows that can fit any scenario

Document all tasks and retain the company knowledge

Every task can be documented for future reference by anyone

Build Custom Forms

Power the entire company by utilizing forms for every request or action.

Custom form builder

Build your custom form with our drag drop wizard

Link with process flows

Every form can be linked with a custom process

Document Generator

Generate custom documents through each process.

Document Templates

Use the power of template strings to make each document customized

Custom variables

Embeded unique variables within the document based on the process

Auto email out each document for signing

When a document is generated, have it digitally signed and emailed out to the user

Process Consulting

New to processes? Let us guide you

We have a team of professional consultants that works with your company to help you get the most out of your processes

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